• Loyola Emergency Medicine Residency

    The Loyola University Medical Center, Emergency Medicine Residency provides post-graduate physician training in a number of Specialty Tracks in Emergency Medicine Education (STEME).

  • Region VIII Trauma Committee

    The state of Illinois is divided into 11 EMS regions by the Illinois Department of Public Health, with Region VIII being the second largest in the state in terms of trauma center membership.


    The Illinois Department of Public Health, Division of Emergency Medical Systems is the resource for all EMS licensing, developing EMS education, evaluating patient and EMS outcomes, research, policy evaluation and development, and rating studies.


    The mission of the National Registry of EMTs is to serve as the National EMS Certification organization by providing a valid, uniform process to assess the knowledge and skills required for competent practice by EMS professionals throughout their careers and by maintaining a registry of certification status.

  • EMSC Innovation and Improvement Center

    To minimize morbidity and mortality of acutely ill and injured children across the EMS for children continuum.

  • HAL-ES

    HAL-ES (Hospital Access and Locations for Emergency Services) is a service for first responders in the state of Illinois that functions similar to a search engine. HAL-ES can priovide you with information on services that hospitals offer, as well as other information.

  • Illinois Ambulance Association

    The Illinois State Ambulance Association is a trade association of consisting of Illinois ambulance industry professionals with the goal of development and maintenance of high quality ambulance and medical transportation services in Illinois through education and advocacy.

  • Illinois Fire Chiefs Association

    The Illinois Fire Chiefs Association is a progressive leader in national and state fire service issues.

  • Associated Firefighters of Illinois

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    The National Association of State EMS Officials is the lead national organization for EMS, a respected voice for national EMS policy with comprehensive concern and commitment for the development of effective, integrated, community-based, universal and consistent EMS systems.


    The National Association for Public Safety Infection Control Officers (NAPSICO) is a non-profit association established to provide designated infection control officers (DICOs) the tools needed to develop and manage an effective infection control program in their organization.